Lets tinker and bake!

“Start a blog they said. It will be fun they said.”

Well enough people have said it over the years, that I have often found myself contemplating beginning a blog. In my more, lets just call them seasoned thirties, I am what one might deem an elderly millennial. I owned the Nokea phone shaped like a brick, you know the ones, they had the interchangeable faceplates and only played the game snake. I remember when DVDs came on the scene and when you “Map quested” your destination on a computer and printed it out. I have spent more occasions slinging obscenities’ at that printed piece of than I will admit to here.

I recall thinking that the word ‘blog’ sounded like it should be an acronym for something, “you mean people just write? About anything? Online?” At the time I thought it ludicrous that anyone would want to read my inner monologue. Since then, a little time and a lot of perspective, have given me some of the confidence I lacked a decade ago. So, even my mother is our only reader, very likely, it’s time to give this blogging situation a go.


So why now? I have realized that the better question is why not now? Whether you are the only one, or one of many to read these pages, welcome! Tinker and Bake is our small corner of the world where my beautiful partner, Missy, and I try to make the world a bit sweeter. Through our many baking and DIY shenanigans, we have learned that the two are often more alike than they are different.

In 2019, Missy and I decided to take some tandem leaps into the unknown. We have known each other, and loved each other, for the past 14 years. Through the normal course of life taking us this way and that, we were never able to make a proper go of it. Finally one beautiful August day, our paths converged. There are those moments in life when you know you will never get a do over on the road less traveled. So we jumped. 6 months later, the world shut down and we found ourselves navigating through a global pandemic. There is nothing like a good dumpster fire to put your priorities in order. Life is just too short for half measures.

Because the apocalypse wasn’t interesting enough already, we decided to merge our passions and begin to make our side hustles, our main hustle. Of course that is when we aren’t raising a teenager, wrestling our two dogs, playing mind games with our cat Muffin, teaching eager pastry students and trying to figure out just what the hell is for dinner. Both of us are Colorado natives; we are cold hearty and never back down from a challenge. So, Dear Reader, here you have it. These are our adventures; a little tinker, a little bake and a whole lot of love!

We can’t wait to share our adventures, and our treats with you! Blackbird Baking Company is our custom cake and confections company. If you can dream it up, we can bake it! Click here to check out our most recent bakes: http://loveblackbirdbaking.com

Published by Blackbird Baking Company

I am a Pastry Chef and entrepreneur. I was classically trained at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary arts. I now run my own custom cake company, Blackbird Baking Company. I am an avid DIYer and my partner and I have a blog where we talk about our adventures, tinkerandbake.com.

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