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We are Missy and Meg. I am a Pastry Chef and Missy is a brilliant DIYer. We are braving the scary world of teenage parenthood, DIYing and starting a baking business. Here you will find our adventures. Thanks for visiting!

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Hi, I’m Meg. Previously a Social Worker, I became a Pastry Chef in 2015. When I’m not braving the roller coaster of post pandemic home schooling, I am teaching at a Colorado Culinary School and baking for our custom cake company, Blackbird Baking Company. COVID has taught me that life is unpredictable and we just start to get our bearings when the world decides to spin on its axis once again. There is never a dull moment in our house; we almost always have something in the oven and furniture drying in the living room….just as the fourteen year old starts rocking out on his double base drum set in his teenage lair. We can’t wait to share our Tinker and Bake adventures with you!

Let’s hang out

Hi, I’m Missy. Non-profit is where I have spent my previous career of 15 years. The last two years have definitely been a wild and crazy ride and the best adventure I have ever been on. Between becoming a parent to a fourteen year-old, learning what life looks like in a pandemic and being laid off, life has certainly been interesting. All this change has really helped Meg and me become creative and tap into the things we love to do the most – Tinker and Bake.

Let’s hang out

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